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Launch Forth is a growing community of Solvers committed to co-creating the future of products and concepts that drive humanity forward. We have been working together for over a decade, defining mobility solutions, gadgets, and novel ideas, through this exploration we have discovered core fundamentals that make co-creation the future of work and human collaboration.  We at Launch Forth have done our best to capture what we have observed that drive you as a community and as individuals to make great work. We have identified these 5 fundamentals as essential features of Co-creation.

  1. Co-creation is Inspiring

    Co-creation is collective problem solving. We offer that you share your ideas so that others might find new paths of ideation. If you see solutions that inspire you, allow yourself to go down that path while paying tribute to those inspirations.

  2. Co-creation is Educational

    We believe that your unique background and life experiences provide new ways to solve problems. Share those experiences with others in the community so that they too can learn from you. There are many ways to solve every challenge. Allow yourself to learn from the experiences of others. Even if an idea isn’t ideal right now, you never know when it might be the perfect solution for another challenge in the future. We believe that there is only one right way to solve a problem.

  3. Co-creation is Iterative

    Start early and iterate often. By posting your ideas early and showing your progress, you get the opportunity to receive valuable feedback early and often from many experienced members of our community, including subject matter experts that we bring into every project to provide professional advice.

  4. Co-creation is Collaborative

    Many of the projects that we work on require skills that fall outside of our expertise. If there is a project that you want to work on or need help with, team up with someone. A friend, colleague, or another member of the community here. And if you see someone who could benefit from your skills, offer to join. You never know what may come out of a good partnership.

  5. Co-creation is Enjoyable

    While the opportunity for prizes can definitely amp up our competitive natures, it can also detract from the true spirit of co-creation. Co-creation is about building a community to solve problems together, and that community is crucial. Sure, the community provides assistance, but it also provides camaraderie, support, and motivation. When the deadlines loom over you, or you see an idea that you wish you’d had, don’t panic. Don’t fret. Take a deep breath, and know that we are all in this together.

Tell us what co-creation means to you by posting your fundamentals below!We Launch Forth together.


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