visibility_off Future of Mobility Frequently Asked Questions

What does "The Future of Mobility" include?
The Future of Mobility includes anything that would support people getting from point A to point B in a networked world of new technology. We are focusing on land, air, and water mobility in urban and suburban environs.

Explain a trend vs. a signal; why should I use these within my concept?
Signals tend to capture emergent phenomenon sooner than traditional social science methods. Unlike trends, they turn our attention to possible innovations before they become obvious. Unlike indicators, they often focus our attention at the margins of society rather than the core. In this way, they are more likely to reveal disruptions and innovations. Of course, local trends and indicators can function as signals: when a trend hits a certain threshold, for example, it might be a signal of a larger shift.
Signals are useful for people who are trying to anticipate a highly uncertain future.  
A signal is typically a small or local innovation or disruption that has the potential to grow in scale and geographic distribution. A signal can be a new product, practice, market strategy, policy, or technology.

How far in the future should we be designing for?
For the purposes of this project, we will be looking at mobility 5-20 years into the future.

What is a “concept sketch”?

 A concept sketch or illustration is a drawing, typically CAD, CGI or hand-drawn that is used as a simple way to explore an initial design idea or aesthetic concept. Sketches come in many different forms, but optimally they will transmit a designer’s core idea in a glance.

How detailed should my concept be?

You should have a sufficient level of original detail to adequately convey your vision, while keeping your narrative explanation as brief and clear as possible. If you need to include more detail, consider including additional information as an appendix to the document.

How feasible does my concept need to be?

Note: concept feasibility does not require or guarantee economic viability, but we recommend you consider economics as part of your overall concept vision.

We recommend concepts demonstrate a baseline of probable or plausible feasibility. You should be able to reference existing technological innovations, trends, or signal research as proof of likely feasibility.

Do I have to make a concept sketch? Can I upload an animation or video that I have made?

Yes! We encourage you to be as creative as possible, taking your vision/concept as far as you can. If you would like to upload your own video or animation, we recommend working with our Co-Pilots from Tongal who can help answer any questions you may have and give you guidance on your narrative. 


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