visibility_off GUNG HO Operation: Refine Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our next GUNG HO Challenge, Operation: Refine. The initial GUNG HO Concept Challenge was meant to inspire creative and unique ideas around a small transportation robot that is robust and capable. The Launch Forth community came through with 57 entries and ideas. In the new Operation: Refine Challenge, we are asking you to take inspiration from the winning designs from the GUNG HO Concept Challenge and refine, re-design, or create a new GUNG HO robot. We are encouraging the community to look not only at the design of the robot but also the engineering behind it. We want to see your ideas for robots that can carry bulk cargo, transport injured people, distribute supplies, function autonomously and, ultimately, can be built! Our friends at Spektre Works were so inspired by the communities’ concept entries that they have helped us define an initial autonomy kit for this challenge to give you a head start for this new GUNG HO robot. Also, we have launched an Early Bird Prize structure around Operation: Refine to get ideas flowing in early to help inspire other members of the community. Check out the project update for Early Bird Prizes and use it to team up with other community members to refine those entries into something incredible! Timeline:Early Bird Submissions: By June 17th Accepting Submissions: May 28th - July 1st Validation & Revision: July 2nd - July 8th (1 Week!) Winners Announced: Around July 20thThis challenge is intense with only 1 week of validation! We don’t expect you to do it alone (though you certainly have the option to do so). Take a look at the brief, then reach out to the community to team up with in the discussions. After that, start your entry early for a chance at the Early Bird Prizes.

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