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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.--Andrew Carnegie

Working in a team is a great way to enrich your entry while getting to collaborate with community members who have coefficient skills. Teaming is a feature on the platform and this blog will explain how to create a team as well as a rundown of the features within your selected team.

To start a team you simply start an entry as you would normally do within the Challenge page, fill out the appropriate information (don’t worry, it does not have to be your final submission) and proceed to the bottom of the form. There you will be able to add team members by username (you can add as many team members as you like). After you hit “submit entry” you will be brought to your entry overview.

There are two ways to form teams on the Launch Forth Platform which are noted in the video below:

So I’ve added my team. Now what?

The tab right next door labeled “team discussions” is where you can talk amongst yourselves and share files in a secure manner (read more below!).

This area can only be seen by your teammates and admins, so this is a great place to upload sensitive files (such as CAD files) you might not want to be shown to the public yet.

  1. Go into the TEAM DISCUSSIONS tab within your entry

  2. Go into the "comments" topic or create a new topic

  3. Add a new comment + click "upload files"

  4. Drop your files into the uploader

  5. Last but not least, publish your comment with your files attached

What if I just want to take the conversation off-line?

Now you can privately share your contact information with other community members. Here's how it works: when you go to another community member's profile, just click on "share settings," and then choose to either share your contact information or request theirs.

You can select what contact information you share, and with who, at any time by going to your profile and selecting "Share Settings."


Now that you are familiar with how to create a team within the Launch Forth Platform, start your team entry or request to be a part of another team in the Dynamic Form lifestyle Device Challenge.Happy co-creating!

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