visibility_off How Voting Works on the Launch Forth Platform

If you’ve been a member of Launch Forth’s community for awhile now, you may have seen or participated in a Community Vote. If you’re new to Launch Forth, this blog is meant to explain why we do Community Votes and how to participate in them. A Community Vote is a voting period that is open for ~2 weeks after the open submission and validation period of a challenge.  The Community Vote allows members of the Launch Forth community to anonymously vote on the quality and presentation of challenge submissions. The challenge participant(s) who receives the most votes will win a prize (prizes vary from challenge to challenge).

How to Vote

In order to vote, you must first be signed up on the Launch Forth platform (you can do that HERE). Once you’re registered and logged in, go to the challenge brief page for which you would like to cast your votes. If voting is open for this challenge, a blue box will appear to the right hand side of the screen that says “VOTE ON ENTRIES.” Upon clicking this button, you will be redirected to a random challenge submission to vote on.

LF_Vote-On-Entries-Blog-Graphics.gifAfter reviewing the challenge submission, you can use the multi-colored voting toggle to the right-hand side of the submission to rate the submission.


After you have placed your vote or if you choose to skip the submission, you can click “VOTE ON ANOTHER ENTRY” and you will be redirected to the next submission.  Each submission evaluation will take time, so it may not be feasible to vote on every submission in a large challenge. As an alternative, you can also proceed directly to a submission page to vote for a particular submission directly.

How Much Weight Does My Vote Hold?

We work with a weighted voting system to make sure that the best quality submissions win the prizes. Community members who have been around longer and have shown a lot of participation across our site will hold a heavier voting weight than new users or users who haven’t participated or engaged on the platform. Essentially, the more constructive interaction you have with your peers and challenges on the platform, the more weight your vote will hold.

In an effort to combat illegal voting, bots, and scam voting accounts, we regularly monitor the Community Voting periods to identify and respond to suspicious behavior. We reserve the right to investigate illegal activity and delete any spam accounts or votes intended to skew voting results.  

As a courteous member of the Launch Forth community, we ask that you please vote fairly and honestly. Our ability to run high quality challenges with great prizes is contingent on the collective integrity of our crowd.

Why Do Some Challenges Have a Community Vote and Some Not?

A Community Vote is only included in a challenge when it is applicable to the project AND when prizes are available. A timeline will appear on the challenge brief page if there is a Community Vote scheduled for that particular challenge. Even if there is not a Community Vote for a challenge, we encourage all community members to provide constructive feedback to their peers. By collaborating, we can better leverage our community’s skill sets and convert good ideas into winning solutions.

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