visibility_off HP Mars 3D Modeling Challenge - Prizes

Our HP Mars 3D Modeling Challenge is up and running! The ask: we're looking for 3D models of different facets of future life on Mars. The motivation: we're giving away several HP products for the best designs. See below for a comprehensive list of the HP products that are helping the Mars vision become a reality. Civil Engineering Award WinnerHP Z4 Workstation with HP Z38c Curved Display Z38c-display-with-Z4.png Architecture Design Award Winner: HP ZBook x2 Damon_Coreset_FrontLeft_Dancing_with_Pen_Mars.png Industrial Design Award Winner: HP ZBook Studio HP-ZBook-Studio-15.png Vehicle Design Award Winner: HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation ZBook17-G4_ME-Premiere-screenshot_R.png Mechanical Engineering Award WinnerHP Z6 Workstation with HP Z38c Curved Display Z38c-display-with-Z6.png 3D Art Award Winner: HP Z8 Workstation with HP DreamColor Z32x 31.5-inch UHD Display  Z8-with-Z32x-display.png Interior Design Award Winner: HP ZBook x2 HP-ZBook-x2.png   Community Award - 1st WinnerHP Z2 Mini Workstation with two Z24n Displays Ant-Man_dualz24n-displays_Small.png Community Award - 2nd WinnerHP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation HP-ZBook-15.png  Community Award - 3rd WinnerHP Z240 Workstation with HP Z38c Curved Display
Be sure to join the challenge today for your chance at winning one of these amazing prizes!

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