visibility_off HP Mars Home Planet Concept Challenge - Winners!

Today, we announce the winners from our HP Mars Home Planet Concept Challenge! Launch Forth would like to thank every single person that participated and put time and effort into submitting their work. Numerous ideas that were submitted were innovative as well as stunning in their artwork!

HP Urbanization Challenge Image HP_Nvida- wide.png

We are proud to announce the winners of the HP Mars Concept Challenge!

Infrastructure - 1st Place

Mars-Genesis & Mawrth-Integra: Interplanetary Design

Kenny Levick, United States

Kenny talked about semi-autonomous architecture and construction of an early colonization infrastructure network that would aid the growth of the human population. This entry shows architecture that can be easily moved and reinforced by 3D printing capabilities.

Judge’s comment:

"Impressive! Kenny left no stone unturned. Extremely detailed and thoroughly researched, this really stood out amongst other entries." - Andrew Anagnost

Infrastructure - 2nd Place

Mars Colony 1.0

Kadek Wicaksana, Indonesia

Kadek submitted a proposal on what a post-Earth civilization would look like on Mars using existing and developing technologies.

Judge’s comment:

"Great provocative questions that bear more thought and future challenges. Excellent ideas on farming support." - Jay Rogers

Transportation - 1st Place

Mars M.U.V (Multi Utility Vehicle)

Xabier Albizu, Spain

Xabier’s idea is a multi-purpose vehicle that evolves along with the colony of Mars. It can easily start out navigating through Martian soil and eventually being able to connect to infrastructure, such as rails, to move around faster and more efficiently.

Judge’s comment:

"Simple and reusable vehicle concept." - Jay Rogers

Transportation - 2nd Place

Mars General Utility Vehicle

Justin Carlo Punay, Philippines

Justin submitted a concept of a utility vehicle that is a 6-wheeled, electric, battery-powered vehicle. It was designed to be autonomous but can be driven manually, as well.

Judge’s comment:

"Great modular concept, allowing multiple uses on the same chassis." - Dr. Sanjay Vjendran

Innovation in Engineering - 1st Place

Living Habitats From Hostile Wastes

Yih Foo Looi, Malaysia

In Yih’s entry, he described the process of utilizing resources on Mars to make rocket travel to Earth possible while supporting one million humans on Mars at the same time. He created a reaction train that would use Martian air and water as resources for raw material.

Judge’s comment:

"Absolutely sound engineering!" -Dr. Sanjay Vijendran

Innovation in Engineering - Special Acknowledgement

Matropolis, the First City on Mars

José Daniel García Espinel, Spain

In this design, José created a fully-functional plan for life on Mars by combining raw materials and utilizing existing engineering practices. In doing this, he has proved that old techniques can go a long way in building out societies in new atmospheres.

Innovation in Architecture - 1st Place

Solar Powered Colony

Jesús Velazco, Venezuela

Jesús proposed underground structures with solar farms, which will provide heat, light, and electricity to the main living area on Mars.

Judge’s comment:

"Compelling engineering, beautiful aesthetics, and quality renderings that would inspire future inhabitants." -Android Jones

Innovation in Science - 1st Place

Artificial Geomagnetic Field to Protect a Crewed Mars Facility from Cosmic Rays

Lake Matthew Team, United States

The Lake Matthew Team designed an artificial geomagnetic field that would protect the inhabitants of Mars from cosmic rays.

Innovation in Design - 1st Place


Jorge Moreno Fierro, Colombia

Jorge designed a biosystem that creates micro atmospheres to allow vegetation and food to grow as well as reserve water. These biospheres could also be configured for recreational use.

Judge’s comment:

"Nice variety of well ordered and dramatic illustrations. It shows off the design and convincingly places the viewer into the scenes." - Ryan Church

Community Award in Transportation - 1st Place


Prabhu Datta, India

Community Award in Infrastructure - 1st Place


Dax Patel, India

Launch Forth would like to congratulate all the winners and those who have participated. We’re proud to have a talented community.

Don’t forget to sign up for the HP Mars Home Planet 3D Modeling Challenge for more opportunities to win prizes!

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