visibility_off HP Mars Valley Urbanization - Live Q&A Recap

Project Updates
Earlier today, we held a live Q&A broadcast to answer your questions pertaining to the Mars Urbanization Challenge. This project brings together the world’s greatest minds for a first-of-its-kind project to explore humanity on Mars in VR. The following panelists were present to engage with you about this exciting opportunity: Sean Young (HP) heads up Worldwide AEC and Product Development Segments for HPRick Champagne (NVIDIA) heads up Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing for NVIDIA Enterprise Products.David Witters (Technicolor) is a Designer, Artist, Photographer, VFX Supervisor and Expert in VR; he has designed Satellites, Rocket Boosters, and Spacecraft for the Strategic Defense Initiative Star Wars. Here's a full recap of the broadcast: Q: I'm not an artist, but I have some great conceptual ideas. How can I still participate in the project? A: If you're not an artist, that's okay! One of the award categories in this challenge is for the "most scientifically-informed idea". You can submit a simple pencil sketch of your idea, or even a sketch done in crayon. As long as you're idea is backed up by scientific research or some kind of math, then you will definitely be considered for this award! You can also join a team on the Launch Forth platform and work together with more artistically-inclined community members. Q: Can you elaborate on the transportation and infrastructure asks in the challenge? A: We want people to think out-of-the-box when it comes to designing infrastructure for Mars. What is your idea for the built environment around Mars? How do you sustain life through these structures? Will there be one giant, walled-in glass city? Will we completely terraform the planet? Keep in mind that we will also need to design systems for utilities such as water and energy. Through this, we can also reinvent what transportation looks like and not make the same mistakes we've made here on Earth. Q: Should we consider natural disasters in our designs? A: Yes, absolutely. Mars has dust storms. Mars has different gravity than Earth. Mars has cosmic radiation. There are a bunch of different factors to consider when looking at the weather on the Red Planet. To find out more information on these facets of Mars, look to our How It Works magazine. NASA is also a great resource for this information. We also have subject matter experts on the Launch Forth site to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.  Q: I have a great idea, but it's not complete yet. Can I still enter the challenge? A: You must enter the challenge with your initial idea no later than October 16, 2017. After that, you will have an approximately 7-day validation period in which you can go back and make any changes or updates to your design. Q: What year should we assume that we are designing for? A: We intentionally did not specify the year for the project. We are only assuming that, by the time your designs are implemented, there will be 1M people on Mars. 

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