visibility_off Invention Spotlight - PowerRay Aquatic Drone

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Over the past few years, drone technology has gone from prototyped ideas to mass-consumed products across the world. Today's drones are much more sophisticated, sleek in their design, and functionally sound than they have ever been before. In this month's Invention Spotlight, we're highlighting a new drone that is capable of traveling and capturing detailed images under water.Face++ Facebook.pngThe PowerRay Aquatic Drone is designed and manufactured by UAV company PowerVision Technology Group. This underwater drone is capable of traveling almost 100 feet below water surfaces and can do so for up to four hours at a time. Using it's 4K camera and "Powerseeker Fishfinder", the drone is able to effectively track and monitor fish without direct user contact. An advanced package from PowerVision also includes a VR headset to allow users to watch these recordings in real time. As this technology is still relatively new, marine biologists and scientists are still evaluating it's features to see where they can be of practical use. Regardless, this invention sheds light on what the immediate future of drones could look like. Expect to see more functional drone designs for air, land, and sea coming soon!
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