visibility_off Kent Nebergall, Subject Matter Expert

Nebergall_Red.png Kent Nebergall Kent Nebergall became involved with the Mars Society in 2004 when he won the Mars Society’s Kepler Prize to design the Mars Direct Earth Return Vehicle.  He has given several talks each year ever since, focusing on new inventions for space settlement, along with gaining a systematic and historical understanding the human ability to do so.  He is chair of the Mars Society Steering Committee, and is a volunteer speaker for NASA, the Mars Society, and several other space advocacy groups.  Kent was astronomer for MDRS Crew 32, Commander of Crew 124, and has helped build the MDRS Science Dome.  Kent is a subject matter expert in what it takes to live on Mars, having spent a month in the Mars Desert Research Station simulator and having done dozens of research projects over the last 15 years on the subject. He is working on architectural, industrial, residential, and economic models for space settlement.  He is currently doing an in-depth analysis of what it takes to explore and settle space in the coming decades in both technical and economic terms.   You can learn more about his work at

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