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In this month's Launch Forth Spotlight, we're featuring our CTO, Dan Fox. Dan is an integral part of the LF Team and brings an industry insight that is unparalleled. Instagram2 Dan.pngWhat is your professional/personal background that led you to Launch Forth? My first exposure to the Launch Forth platform was in 2012 -- as a client. I was working as the head of technology for the agency of record for Dominos Pizza. At the time, Dominos was in the initial planning stages for building the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. I met (CEO) Jay Rogers at Dominos headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He persuaded our team that his company could build a vehicle with community co-created designs. Today those delivery vehicles are on the road delivering pizzas. When I see one, I remember the sense of doubt I had initially felt about developing such a complex product with a crowd.  That project left an impression on me. What is the most fascinating result/product that you’ve seen come out of the Launch Forth community and why? I feel consistently amazed each time we challenge our community to move into a new category of product development. The community’s roots are in car design. It was a risk to partner with GE FirstBuild to see if we could create kitchen appliances. Once that collaboration proved to be successful it gave our team the confidence that we could take on other categories. Since then we have given our community the chance to do aeronautical engineering through our partnership with Airbus. We have worked with GE Fuse doing industrial inspection technology product development. Most recently we have announced our collaboration with HP to design artifacts that could help us colonize Mars. Our solver community has such an incredibly diverse set of skills. I feel inspired by their ability to take on such a wide variety of projects with such a deep level of expertise. Why do you think so many companies are adapting collaborative approaches in their everyday processes? Today’s labor market is evolving rapidly. Improvements in communication and shared productivity tools have made collaboration possible on truly global scale. Progressive organizations are recognizing the benefits of a gig economy. We are creating a market for fabricating new classes of collaboration between the supply and demand of skilled knowledge workers. There is a huge opportunity for value creation here for everyone involved.   Facebbok1 Dan.png What advice can you give people about staying productive and organized? Even though most of my work is done in front a computer, I always carry a small notebook with me. The physical process of writing has a noticeable impact on my memory and recall. Even if I never even refer to the notes, writing them down is important.   What is your best advice to new Launch Forth users? Launch Forth is a great way to make interesting connections, grow personally and professionally, and to participate is a wide variety of interesting opportunities that might previously have only been offered to a select few.    We value contributions from people of all walks of life. Have a look around. We hope you feel inspired to join us.

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