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For this month's Launch Forth Spotlight, we're giving you exclusive, behind-the-scenes content with our VP of Advanced Manufacturing, Megan Brewster. What is your professional/personal background that led you to Launch Forth? I first came across Local Motors, the company from which Launch Forth was forged, in September 2014 at a conference luncheon when CEO Jay Rogers drove in the world's first 3D-printed car. As a materials scientist and budding advanced manufacturing evangelist, I was on my feet with excitement-- and I've maintained that excitement about this company ever since. I understand the challenges of developing advanced materials and methods, from researching semiconductor nanomaterials at MIT to next-generation batteries at GE. And I respect the grit and ingenuity of American manufacturers, from following their successes and struggles while at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. It is a true honor for me to now work at one of the coolest companies, with the sharpest colleagues, doing the most impactful work, in the world. What’s your role at Launch Forth? My job is bring to life the products that we-- all 140,000 of us (and growing!)-- co-create on the Launch Forth platform. These inspiring concepts deserve equally inspiring processes by which we transform them into tangible prototypes and products. We take a technology-forward approach, using the the latest and greatest prototyping and manufacturing processes. Sometimes we utilize our core competencies, like large-scale additive manufacturing; other times, we work with top-notch partners that know how to make next-gen equipment sing. What’s your favorite part about working at Launch Forth and why? (I know this sounds corny but...) Everything is possible. I get to work on big problems with big dreamers-- that's an expansive space! Facebbok2 Megan.png Why do you think co-creation and collaboration is so important in today’s product development endeavours? Simply put, it's the future of work. Consider these two mega-trends: (1) technology is changing the way we work, and (2) we want to work on problems that matter. This means that tomorrow's currency is the human touch. We need a sandbox where we (the world) can come together to solve big challenges. Plus, co-creation makes better products, because early assessments reveal product fit in a market that looks like the world (not just a single demographic). What tip do you have to get the best experience on the Launch Forth platform? Engage with other community members-- comment on their posts, give them constructive feedback, mention how their work inspires yours. Our community is what we make of it, so let's build a connected and thoughtful space.
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