visibility_off Let the Teardown Begin


Hello from the FATHOM assembly shop! We’re starting to peek under the Bigfoot XL’s hood to get a better understanding of what we’re working with for this “proof of concept” build. Check out our progress video of our Alpha scale models and our initial teardown progress!

First we are determining which parts we’ll keep for this build, which will be modified, and which will be replaced—then we will build the entire vehicle in 3D CAD to see how everything will fit together. This will be a key part of our digital thread for this effort.

Here’s an example: we know that we need to lower the height of the vehicle base to meet the original design. When we do this, the Bigfoot XL’s battery system will no longer fit—so we need to replace these batteries.

Once we’ve completed the CAD models for the entire vehicle and the drive train module master frame, then the Bigfoot XL will be dispatched to an Auto Body Shop where we will roll up our sleeves and really dig in to this build!


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