visibility_off Meet Your Human-AV Connect Challenge Judges

We are excited to introduce our Human-AV Connect Challenge judges.

Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LM Industries Since 1988 Jay has worked on various vehicle projects from rebuilding antique cars, to automotive policy, to automotive start-up concepts, and 3d printing the world’s first road ready car. Jay has a deep passion for automobiles, airplanes, and basically all modes of transportation.

Dr. Mollie McGuire.png

Dr. Mollie McGuire, Assistant Professor, Information Sciences, Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. McGuire is an assistant professor in the Information Sciences Department at the Naval Postgraduate School.  Currently, she is working on research investigating the decisions humans make when teaming with automation, particularly in contexts characterized as high-stress. Additionally, she is interested in the effect of misinformation/disinformation and aggression in the information space. Dr. McGuire received a BA in Psychology from Southern Methodist University, and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University.

Lamec Flatez, Human-Machine Interface and User Experience Lead at Launch Forth

Since 2017 Lamec has lead the design and development of all digital interfaces for the new generation of Olli vehicles at LM Industries. He has been a part of software R&D programs for the last 7 years in small organizations like Phoenix Comicon as a UX consultant and larger Fortune 500 companies like American Express and IBM as an engineering program lead. His educational background is in Computer Science and Economics which make him a technical contributor that is also focused on the viability of future products.

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