visibility_off Meet your Island EV Judges

We are excited to introduce the judges to our Island EV Design Challenge, please welcome:

Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LM Industries

Since 1988 Jay has worked on various vehicle projects from rebuilding antique cars, to automotive policy, to automotive start-up ideas, and printing the world’s first road ready car. Deep passion for automobiles, airplanes, and basically all modes of transportation.



Jason Myers, Project Manager at Launch Forth

Jason has worked as a Project Manager at Launch Forth for a little over a year and a half and has worked on various projects such as Accessible Olli, Robots 4 Humanity, HP Mars Home Planet, and many more. With a background in mechanical engineering, Jason has a constant problem-solving mindset and is a go-to for technical questions on Launch Forth.


Kevin Ketchum, Lead Digital Modeler - Senior Industrial Designer - Virtual Reality Specialist

Kevin Ketchum  has been involved in the product design sector with focus on transportation/concept design/ VR and image creation for nearly 21 years. Prior to joining the Launch Forth - Local Motors Team, Kevin worked in Automotive/Concept Design Studios. He has produced work for variety of high profile brands including: Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, Chrysler, Apple, Motorola, Whirlpool, Nike, and many others . Kevin has also produced training courses and content, while delivering on-site training to a variety of design clients. In addition, he is also proud to be adjunct faculty at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan.


Sean Cresswell, Design Engineer at NZM Group

Sean Cresswell started engineering as a fabricator, then moving on to a traditional drafting board, then 2D AutoCAD in 1999, eventually finding Solid Edge [v7 Origin] in 2000…and hooked ever since.


Large automotive injection mold, tooling design, and all the supplementary plant & machinery design surrounding it. In his current role for 13 years, he and his team predominantly leverage the sheet metal environment in Solid Edge. He manages the design team, that now has 3 seats of Solid Edge “Classic”, with a 6 users of Solid Edge 2D. Their assemblies typically are around 500 parts, and the odd one, that I’m working on now is 5970 parts, 41 sheet draft of that assembly.


In a first for Launch Forth, we are excited to announce our first community member judge: Gavin Greaves! After winning awards in the Dynamic Form Lifestyle Device Challenge and the Super Human Sports Concept Design Challenge we asked him to work with us behind the scenes, using his expertise in mobility design to judge the Island EV Challenge.

Gavin Greaves, Launch Forth Community Member and founder of SpekTer Designs

Gavin Greaves is a 48yo who recently moved from one end of Australia (the cold bit) to the other to live in Cairns (The tropical bit on the Great barrier reef, much nicer place to live).

He did his studies in Management and worked to the level of a Senior Project manager in IT and Infrastructure definition for business units with one of Australia's big 4 Banks for about 10 years til the age 30. At that time he left the workforce for a years full time and subsequent part-time study to gain an Advanced Diploma of Robotics and Mechatronics. He worked for 5 years with a company that built the world’s Ferrari of packaging machines at TNA working on both machine and shop engineering projects.

At age 35 he discovered he had Autoimmune muscular skeletal and pain diseases which now include degenerative arthritic conditions for the last 7 years. In knowing that that these conditions are for life, he founded SpekTer Designs and has been working consistently to design vehicles that would suit his level of degeneration over time but also represent an improvement to the current prospects of vehicles available in the marketplace for people of all abilities above constant medical needs. Designs that would be appealing to all users.

"It will be a honor to flip the coin and change my perspective on reviewing entries - Gavin"


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