visibility_off Meet your new Fuse Community Manager: Denise

Fuse News
It has been a pleasure working with the Fuse community over the last year as your Fuse Community Manager. Since our launch in October of 2016, we have collaborated on an impressive range of safety and inspection-related challenges from image compression to jet engine inspection to corrosion monitoring.  With all of the energy surrounding our recent High-Temp Clamp Design Challenge, I'd like to welcome our newest Community Manager, @denisedesilva. She joins us with several years working in open innovation. Denise will ensure all questions are answered quickly, subject matter experts are available to collaborate often and all our challenges are launched with a sense of eagerness to learn from and with you. If you ever have any site-related questions going forward, you can always @mention her within a discussion and she will respond promptly. I look forward to continuing to watch the community continue to grow and learn together!

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