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In our last blog post, you saw the tear down and the beginning of CAD being developed around the Bigfoot XL. As mentioned in comments in previous blogs, we are rapidly producing a proof of concept that tests the viability of a Modular Logistics Vehicle for the USMC.  Because of the short timeframe (our target date to complete is late October), we’ve had to make some compromises but intend to keep to the vision of the winning design of the MLV: Refined challenge. Here is the CAD and some of the initial renderings for the build.

As you can see, we kept a four wheel design. This provided us more time to focus on the engineering around the module removal, alignment and installation on the vehicle base. The module has been keyed to the base to allow up to 6 inches of misalignment front and back and side to side. This approach allows the module to self-center.

Additionally, you might notice the base is shorter than the module-- this is to allow the Module Jack Legs to only have to focus on lifting. Creating a mechanism to extend from the side of the module and lift the module was out of the scope in the timeframe. These renderings are not set in stone yet, so they are likely to evolve as the engineering and designs are further refined.

Keep an eye out for the next Blog, where we will be showing how the base is being modified.

As an extra bonus, here are some final pictures of the scale models of the Voinic, [S]log, and HAT 2.0… The Marines were so excited about these and used the VOINIC as a visual aid at a recent DOD awards ceremony. @saintarnab, @gabi_hantig, & @vasilatos_ianis


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