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To celebrate #NationalCrimePreventionMonth, in conjunction with our current Rapid Ideation Challenge, we're taking a closer look at designs that are helping prevent home intrusion/theft.  Oct Facebbok 1 Social Challenge Contest_ copy 2.png In our current age, devices to prevent home theft are more in-depth and technologically savvy than ever before. From security cameras to alarms, people are spending more money than ever to make sure that their house is safe from burglaries. The following are a few products and ideas to consider when securing your home. Recently, we profiled a facial recognition system called the Face++ Facial Recognition Software in our Engineering Breakthrough Spotlight Blog. This software uses AI techniques to detect and study unique facial features of a person. Although this specific technology is relatively new, facial recognition softwares are being implemented in security systems worldwide. Going forward, this technology could be used in creative ways to prevent intrusion in both residential and commercial buildings.  Another thing to consider when thinking about beefing up home security measures is uncommon entry points to your house. Statistically, the garage is a popular entry point among burglars. One may want to consider extra garage security features such as motion sensors, extra locks, or security alarms. Other uncommon entry points that may be vulnerable to intruders are windows and pet doors. Consider these ideas when designing for our current Rapid Ideation Challenge. Make sure you enter your design ideas on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages before 10/27/17!

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