visibility_off Opt-in to Share Your Design Files for the HP Mars Rendering Challenge

Welcome fellow solvers! As we enter the final chapter of the HP Mars Home Planet project, we want to reflect on all of the amazing work and effort you’ve put into the two challenges thus far. The designs that have been submitted to both the Concept and 3D Modeling Challenges are beautiful and inspiring. Now we are asking for your help to continue this momentum into the final challenge-- and give your work an even greater chance of being included in the final VR experience! In our final challenge, the HP Mars Home Planet Rendering Challenge, we want you to take inspiration from the ideas and models submitted during the first two challenges, and fully render them out to be ready for the VR Experience. To support this continuity of inspiration, we are asking those who submitted design files during the first two challenges to “opt in,” allowing other community members to build on your work in their final renders. If you choose to opt-in, your previously submitted files will be added to a directory of files that can be downloaded by community members for the final Rendering Challenge. Not only will you be inspiring and collaborating with your fellow Launch Forth peers, but you will also have that much greater chance of seeing your design in the final VR experience! As an incentive for releasing your files for the Rendering Challenge, once you opt-in, your name will be entered in a drawing for a HP Z2 Mini Workstation. The drawing will take place on April 30 and the winner’s name will be posted online! You have until April 30, 2018 to opt-in. Do you want to work with a VR expert on how to best utilize your CAD? Or do you want to learn from a VR expert to build out your skill-sets? Start a team! Check out this blog to learn how. Click HERE to read more and opt-in!

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