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Mars has long captured the imagination, but now it’s an ambition that grows closer.

Though it’s still a ways off, when it does happen, a human being walking on Mars’s surface will be a monumental achievement. Until that time, we all have the opportunity to experience that world from the safety of our own homes, both as it is today, and how we envision it in the future. HP Mars Home Planet gives everyone the opportunity to join in the discovery and contribute to the Mars conversation.

Presently, real-time technology is a key driving force across many industries. Not only is it improving design workflows, but enabling deeper levels of engagements that would otherwise not be possible from static images and animations.

Unreal Engine already plays a role at NASA—it is an important part of how they keep the International Space Station functional and in orbit. With a perfect replica of ISS, including all the intricate details of every system and module, astronauts get immersive virtual training on Earth well in advance of their actual missions. Unreal Engine also powers the virtual reality training system for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner capsule, which will transport astronauts from Earth and dock to the ISS.

Unreal 3.jpg

Caption: NASA’s Hybrid Reality and Advanced Operations Lab

Similarly, augmented reality is plays an increasing role in practical real-time scenarios. For industries working in the deep ocean, such as marine renewables or oil and gas, real-time is helping to overcome human limitations and visibility challenges by overlaying detailed visualizations to enable precise views. These mixed reality techniques will equally serve off-world exploration. 

Unreal 2.jpg

Caption: Real-time 3D overlays help engineers “see” equipment at the bottom of the ocean.

Unreal Engine has even powered a simulated visit to Mars on a school bus fitted out with VR screens.

But with HP Mars Home Planet, you don’t have to be part of a space agency or exclusive program to help influence the future. With Unreal Engine and Unreal Studio at your disposal, you can share your vision through immersive experiences with cross-industry peers.

Real-time has never been as accessible. Going beyond stills or animations to navigate and interact with geometry in a natural manner has never been as easy.

We are looking forward to getting a glimpse and experiencing the Mars you envision through your submissions for HP Home Planet Render Challenge.

Unreal Studio is available as a free beta, enabling you to seamlessly import CAD files into Unreal Engine. 


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