visibility_off Robots 4 Humanity - Winner Announcement!

Over the last month, our community members have been submitting designs for robots that can help disabled people live easier lives. The goal of the Robots 4 Humanity Challenge was to find a solution that not only helped these people with everyday tasks, but also one that could be implemented on a large scale. After sifting through the amazing responses, our judges were able to choose a winner that satisfies all of the challenges asks. Without further wait, we give you the winner of our Robots 4 Humanity Challenge... Platform Image-100.jpg The Easy Control by eltonjtd Our vote for the winner of this challenge goes to 'The Easy Control'. It is an all-in-one wearable device that easily fits around ones neck. Some of the technical features that are included are builtin A/C, a lightbulb on/off function, and even a neck massage setting.  Click the link above to request that eltonjtd join your design team for your next project! Also, be sure to check out our new IoT Wallet project to keep your creative buzz going.

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