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I have watched every World Cup since the 1998 World Cup and I can confirm that the 2018 Football/ Soccer World cup has been the most entertaining, dramatic World Cup ever. There have been many amazing moments in this cup from Russia beating Spain in round of 16 with having very few shots on target to Ronaldo’s penalty kick being saved by Iranian goalie Beiranvand.

However, I believe a weird anomaly has transformed the 2018 World Cup into the most drama-charged FIFA show ever. Did you know that the 2018 finals have set a new record for the highest percentage of goals scored occurring after the 89th minute?  All in all 23 goals have been scored in the 90th minute and second-half stoppage time — accounting for a staggering 15 percent of all goals scored. In other words, the individual players and teams gave their best efforts even with the small, limited time they had available and the results were literally game-changing.

The players’ determination and creativity reminded me of something I encounter in my work as an engineer when using Solid Edge with synchronous technology.  Engineers and product designers have to contend with the pressure of constantly changing requirements and be able to respond rapidly and creatively to deliver results for their customers. Like in this year’s World Cup, sometimes the winning idea arrives late in the process, after lots of trial and error.  That’s why thousands of engineering superstars select Solid Edge with synchronous technology.  Solid Edge design allows you to easily iterate on your design or someone else’s for that matter, and quickly make game changing edits regardless of where or how you started.  You don’t need to know what plays were made before, you just jump in and create parts or assemblies, imported or native, complex or simple, it doesn’t matter just bring your Passion. Solid Edge with synchronous technology saves you time, saves you money, and helps you to delivers results. Get your game on, and start using it today.

Download Solid Edge for free here. download.jpg

(1) History-based designer and agony of making some last minute changes to design  


download (1).jpg

 (2) Solid Edge with synchronous technology users after changing the design fast and efficiently


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