visibility_off Siemens Solid Edge Launch Forth Community Edition Tutorials - Power of Synchronous Technology

Siemens Solid Edge Tutorials
1. Editing Imported Parts in Solid Edge This video demonstrates how easy it is to import files from other CAD systems with Solid Edge--as easy as clicking "open." Solid Edge allows you to edit various file types from various CAD softwares.
2. Synchronous Technology in Assembly In this video, we show you how Solid Edge allows you to easily edit multiple parts in an assembly, without time-consuming history-based edits or the need to create links between parts. Synchronous technology allows you to make simultaneous changes by simply selecting and dragging the parts within an assembly.
3. Transition from 2D to 3D This video demonstrates on how to move from 2D engineering drawings to 3D models in Siemens Solid Edge with power of Synchronous Technology.

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