visibility_off Siemens Solid Edge - Training Session #2 : Sketching

Solid Edge 2019 Access Tutorials

This week in our Siemens Solid Edge Access Tutorial, we will be talking through Sketching on the program. If you haven’t already, download the latest version of Siemens Solid Edge 2019 for free right HERE.


Upon starting Solid Edge and entering the Part Design Environment, you will be presented with an option bar along the top of the screen that allows you to choose from such tabs as ‘Home’, ‘Sketching’, ‘3D Sketching’, and others. When you click on the Home tab, you will see the most common sketching tools denoted by small icons. Similarly, if you choose the Sketching tab you see a list of all of the sketching tools within Solid Edge.

Once you’ve selected an appropriate sketching tool, it is advisable to 1 select and lock onto the plane you want to be working in in the Design Window. You can do this by either clicking on the desired plane in the Design Window. For this put your cursor over the x, y, z arrows and the respective planes will show up. Lock them by clicking on the symbol or pressing F3. Pressing CNTRL+H will then take you into an orientation that allows for optimal visibility when sketching. Once you’ve selected your plane and are ready to sketch, a toolbar will pop up in your design window that will allow you to adjust line thickness, length, angle, and more.To begin just select “line”, click to set the starting point on your plane then click again where you would like your line ending point. At this point, Solid Edge will start another line where your previously line left off to form a continuous sketch. If you don’t want to use this continuous sketch function, simple press ESCAPE. DO NOT try to click and drag to form a line.

*Quick Hint: If you are designing a part that will later be transformed into a 3D model, you must make sure that your sketch is closed (sketch lines form a shape with no open areas). There are exceptions to this rule that we will cover in future tutorials. Once the sketch is closed, it will be highlighted.

If you want to make a 2d sketch on top of a 3d model, it is as easy as selecting the appropriate sketching tool and then selecting which face of the 3d model you would like to sketch on.

Solid Edge also has a built-in capability called IntelliSketch. The commands and tools for IntelliSketch can be found in the 3D Sketching tab along the top of the application (or as always with the “find a command” field at the bottom. IntelliSketch offers various tools to assist you in speeding up the sketch process while also making sure all sketch lines are plotted exactly how they are supposed to be. For example, if you would like to sketch a parallel line next to a previously sketched line, choose the Parallel command.

Looking to dive a bit deeper? Check out our tutorial video below and then be sure to take the Sketch Quiz HERE!

To learn more about Sketching in Siemens Solid Edge, watch this video:


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