visibility_off Siemens Solid Edge - Training Session #3 : Base Features

This week in our Siemens Solid Edge Access Tutorial, we will be talking through Base Features on the program. If you haven’t already, download the latest version of Siemens Solid Edge 2019 for free right HERE.


Base Features in the Solid Edge CAD program refer to the 3D shapes that are fabricated and used for models and assemblies.

Upon starting Solid Edge and entering the Part Design Environment, you will be presented with a blank sketching space with three separate planes (X, Y, and Z). Once you have sketched a 2D shape, you can choose from a plethora of commands that will transform that shape into a 3D object. If you were to click on the ‘Home’ tab on the toolbar that runs across the top of the screen, you will be presented with the most common 3D commands in the ‘Solids’ section. These commands include Extrude, Revolve, Round, Sweep and others. Explanations for each of these commands can be seen by simply hovering your mouse over the command icon.

Once you have sketched a 2D shape on any particular plane, Solid Edge will note that the shape can be transformed into a 3D object by illuminating the shape in an orange color upon the mouse hovering over it. Solid Edge will only allow you to transform shapes into 3D objects if they are closed (no open ends). If you were to click on a closed region of the shape, a directional arrow will pop up. Upon dragging that arrow, you can extrude your shape in that particular direction. It is important to note that the dimensions from your original shape will remain the same after extruding your shape. You can also use the ‘Smart Dimensions’ tool to add dimension markers to your sketch. If, at any time, you change the dimensions of your shape, your 3D model will transform with the changes.

Solid Edge is also equipped with a helpful tool called Synchronous Technology. This technology allows you to make edits to your sketch without worrying about any major changes happening to your shape. As opposed to ‘history-based sketching’, Synchronous Technology allows you to create quick sketches and models while editing on the go. This essential parametric design command can be seen in the menu on the left hand side of your part environment. Under the title ‘Synchronous’, you will see a list of features and sketches that have been included in your current design. By clicking on any one of these sketches or features, Solid Edge will let you edit that particular part of your sketch without erasing or modifying any of the commands you performed after sketching that particular feature.

Looking to dive a bit deeper? Check out our tutorial video below and then be sure to take the Base Features Quiz HERE!

To learn more about Base Features in Siemens Solid Edge, watch this video:

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