visibility_off Siemens Solid Edge - Training Session #4 : Steering Wheel

Solid Edge 2019 Access Tutorials

This week in our Siemens Solid Edge Access Tutorial, we will be talking through the Steering Wheel on the program. If you haven’t already, download the latest version of Siemens Solid Edge 2019 for free right HERE.


Along with the ever-powerful Synchronous Technology, Siemens Solid Edge is equipped with an editing tool called the Steering Wheel which allows you to make on-the-fly edits to existing models. It essentially allows you to orient your model in such a way that specific aspects can be added or subtracted from it.

The Steering Wheel allows the user to edit faces of a model in three different ways: rotationally, linearly, or with freeform movements. Each edit requires the user to either add or subtract material from a model.


In order to rotationally edit your model, you must first select the face of your model which you would like to edit. Then, drag the Steering Wheel to origin/axis you would like to edit along. If the Steering Wheel is not oriented in the direction you would like to edit, simply hit SHIFT and click the light blue center of the Steering Wheel until it is pointed in the direction of your liking. Finally, us the torus of the steering wheel (the outer ring) to rotationally add or subtract material from your model.

The process of linearly editing a model is very similar. The only difference is that you would use the primary and secondary axes on the Steering Wheel to make your edits instead of using the torus. Furthermore, the tool plane on the steering wheel allows you to make freeform edits to models.

Looking to dive a bit deeper? Check out our tutorial video below and then be sure to take the Steering Wheel Quiz HERE!

To learn more about Sketching in Siemens Solid Edge, watch this video:

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