visibility_off Siemens Solid Edge - Training Session #6 : Import Parts

This week in our Siemens Solid Edge Access Tutorial, we will be talking through Importing Parts to the program. If you haven’t already, download the latest version of Siemens Solid Edge 2019 for free right HERE.

SIEMENS SOLID EDGE : Training Session #6 : Import Parts

In previous tutorials, we have discussed the power of synchronous technology within Siemens Solid Edge. This technology allows you to make edits to parts and models on the fly without undoing previous edits already made. Not only is this helpful for original projects you may have started in Solid Edge, but it can also be useful for projects you’ve started using other CAD software.

When uploading a part from a software other than Solid Edge, synchronous technology allows you to make edits to that part without knowing the sketches that originally fabricated the part. Upon uploading a part, Solid Edge will present to you with a list of compatible part file types including .dwg, .ipt, .prt., and many others. Once selected, Solid Edge will also ask you what type of part environment you would like to open the file in. If you are working with just that singular part, you will select the ISO Part option.

Once you’ve imported your part and are ready to make edits, you can use a number of different tools to change your part. One of the most important tools is called Recognize Patters. This tool allows you to select recurring features in a circular or rectangular pattern and then make edits based on the geometric relationships. You can also use Smart Dimensions and Face Relate commands to edit these parts, as explained in earlier tutorials.

To learn more about making edits to Imported Parts in Siemens Solid Edge, watch this video:

Looking to dive a bit deeper? Check out our tutorial video below and then be sure to take the Imported Parts Quiz HERE!

To put your skills to the test in a fun, creative environment and compete for prizes, check out the projects page on the Launch Forth platform and compete for prizes HERE.

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