visibility_off Solid Edge 2019 Launch Forth Community Edition - Available Now!

Greetings, fellow solvers!

Siemens has recently updated their Solid Edge CAD Software and are offering the Solid Edge 2019 Launch Forth Community Edition software upgrade for free now! You can download the newest edition of this software HERE.

Some of the newest enhancements to this software include provide you with:

  • Next generation modeling enabled by synchronous technology.

    • Developed over the past decade, Solid Edge combines the best of history based and direct modeling for a uniquely fast and flexible approach.

  • Capability to incorporate mesh models into your design workflow, enabled by Siemens’ convergent modeling.

    • Leverage next generation design tools that use mesh models, such as generative design, reverse engineering, and additive manufacturing.

    • Fast and flexible mesh modeling, such as move and rotate of mesh faces, enabled by synchronous technology.

    • Work with mesh geometry such as face selection, delete, cut, copy, paste, and attach, just like with industry standard b-rep geometry.

  • Design enhancements such as auto-simplify, automatic volume finder for containers, and improved broken drawing views - to name just a few!  Additional time-saving improvements include:

    • Improved large assembly performance, so you can quickly turn sub-assemblies into one part and do further simplification modeling using this body

    • Auto-simplify allows protection of intellectual property, especially internal detail

    • Easily find storage volume of a container (e.g. fluid volume of complex shaped fuel tank at a certain level)

    • A new intersect tool can turn any enclosed area into solid, which is great for finding complex fluid volumes quickly

    • Use of any axis to break a drawing view, which is especially useful for non-orthographic views e.g. trimetric or custom view rather than just isometric

    • Improved slot creation with rapid placement of slots, including multiples at once using ordered or synchronous technology

    • Increased Solidworks data migration support for multi-body drawings

    • Enhanced photo-realistic rendering with custom workspaces, hotkeys and improved refreshed texture mapping capabilities

Keep an eye out in our Blog for weekly tutorials on how you can get the most out of the Solid Edge 2019 Launch Forth Community Edition.


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