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Allianz is looking to the Launch Forth Community to define the future of mass mobility. In a world where anyone and everyone, regardless of their ability, can get around and look good doing it. Be it commuting in the city, shopping for groceries, or vacationing abroad in your leisure time-- we are asking you to design a multi-use lifestyle device that is eye-catching. Check out these exciting technologies as you’re considering your entry:
  1. Metal additive manufacturing: Within this challenge, metal additive manufacturing experts from APWORKS, and medical technology experts from Ottobock will be working with and guiding the community in their entries. In addition to the design benefits of additive that we've discussed before, Launch Forth community members can now design with an advanced material in mind- Scalmalloy® This ductile yet strong aluminum alloy is the 1st aluminum metal, which has been developed by APWORKS purely for 3D printing purposes . We dare you to find components in your solution to put Scalmalloy to the test!
    1. Strength AND ductility: though strengthening metal often reduces ductility, Scalmalloy®, which brings together the best of Titanium and Aluminum, has a high tensile strength with extraordinary levels of ductility.
    2. Weight reduction: Scalmalloy has a high strength to weight ratio allowing reduced weight of the parts
  2. 3D Knitting: Additive manufacturing for cloth, with benefits similar to those for plastic, metal, and other material systems.
    1. Seamless: Not only are seams uncomfortable, interfaces are common failure points in any materials system. So get rid of interfaces entirely!
    2. Digital: Manufacture it the same way, every time. Digital instructions enhance batch quality, and thus productivity.
    3. Multiple fabrics: Many individual threads are controlled by individual machine heads to form nearly any knit pattern. It’s easier than ever to include fibers that conduct electricity, enhance breathability, modify the strength, etc. On-demand compression support, anyone?
  3. Smart Textiles: One of the biggest obstacles in smart textiles has been dealing with washability. However, as we talk about using smart textiles on a device this becomes a non-issue. In the recent past smart textiles have seen an advancement in capabilities and the capabilities continue to expand.
    1. Haptics: Visuals and sounds don’t catch everyone’s attention. But devices that incorporate haptic technology can provide feedback to a much broader audience. From macro tremors that vibrate an entire device, to electrovibration that makes a surface feel rubbery-- haptic feedback ranges in subtilty and effect.
    2. Wearables: solar powered, biometric tracking, temperature adjustment… it seems that wearables can do pretty much anything these days!
As always, we want to hear from you about the cool tech you considering as you prepare your challenge entry. Let us know by commenting on this post!

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