visibility_off Three Tips from Our Judges

We digitally gathered some of the judges and co-pilots of the Elevated Mobility Concept Design Challenge and Dynamic Form Lifestyle Device Challenge to hear their thoughts on how they view this product. Watch the full recap here:

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are the highlights:

Tip 1: Obsess about the end user | See, Approach, Feel, Use - 5:47

“The most important part of design is the customer, without the customer the design has no meaning.” - Murat Günak

One word they said over and over in different languages was: “Customer.”  We could not agree with this statement more! Within the challenge brief we have provided use cases to assist in empathizing and understanding some daily tasks or experiences from the user’s point of view. We will always recommend working directly with the end user or spending some time using a wheelchair as Kristina Günak did.  

Kristina Günak is even nice enough to throw out a design idea if you listen carefully. ;)

Tip 2: Find that Feeling - Expressive Design - 9:39

One of the fun exercises we got to do in concepting this challenge was asking “what do I want to feel when I am in this device?” and we encourage you to do the same! Just a few of the expressive words we came up with during ours were: sexy, sleek, fun, active, “as one”, extension of myself…and there were so many more. Part of this challenge is designing something that is able to express the user’s personality, something that is a statement of who they are. So what would you want to express if you were the user? 

Tip 3: Great design is Inclusive design - 16:26

I know this may sound like an oxymoron but follow me on this. In both sports and in an active day-to-day life an inclusive design for a mobility device allows the user to be social and join in activities without hesitation. User-first design IS inclusive design! Here’s where we touch on uniqueness:

“...the design philosophy behind it, is making it desirable. So others who aren’t in the chair would notice the chair and think “that’s something I would like to take a go at” regardless of disability or not.” - Calvin Williams So in short, a sleek, dynamic form of self expression.

We hope these words of encouragement and wisdom from our judges and co-pilots have inspired you to Launch Forth, pardon the pun, and enter your design into the Dynamic Form Lifestyle Device Challenge.


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