visibility_off Update from the LA Auto Show

Hello from the LA Auto Show! This project, LA 2060, acted as the official entry into the LA Auto Show's Automobility Designer/Developer Challenge. Your ideas were so inspiring that we were chosen as one of the top five finalists and invited to take the stage to pitch the idea live at the LA Auto Show. Here are details on the Challenge.  While we didn't win, sharing the stage with such industry luminaries as the design team from Honda who did win, was quite the honor. Details on the Challenge and winning entry are here -- totally worth the look!  At Launch Forth, our mantra is to Make Ideas Real so we will now turn this project into a design challenge, set to launch in early 2018, and together, start to shape the future.  Check out some of the photos from the LA Auto Show, featuring (in order of appearance in the photos) Elle Shelley, EVP of Launch Forth, Allen Griffy, Project Manager, Jay Rogers, CEO and co-founder, and Austin Baker, Lead Co-creation Strategist.  Image uploaded from iOS (6).jpgImage uploaded from iOS (5).jpgImage uploaded from iOS (4).jpgImage uploaded from iOS (3).jpgImage uploaded from iOS (1) (1).jpgImage uploaded from iOS (2).jpg
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