visibility_off USMC GUNG HO Operation: Refine - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!

In this second GUNG HO Challenge, we used the GUNG HO Concept Challenge winning design by @saintarnab, ADAR, as inspiration for a new type of autonomous robot called the Ground-based UNmanned Go-between for Humanitarian Operations. This robot is meant to assist with cargo transport as well as offer humanitarian aid in times of crisis. The influence from the concept challenge design winner could be seen on a variety of entries.

With over fifty submissions, this was by far the most difficult Challenge that we have ever had to judge. The range of concepts was extremely broad, ranging from legs, tracks, and legs with tracks to modules to open expansive systems, all done in CAD. Each came with well thought out  strengths which made choosing a winner a very involved process.

Entries were judged in particular on how well they could meet the required tasks, how useful the robot was for above and beyond this already ambitious baseline, the perceived ease of operation, best use of space, being friendly approachable and safe, and of course how innovative they were overall. All of the valid entries stood out in one way or another and demonstrated unique designs with highly creative solutions.

Without further ado, we present to you the winners of the GUNG HO Operation: Refine Challenge..

1st Place: Hiiro

By: buCARsa

The HiiRO very tightly packaged all the requirements into a robust and pallet sized robot. The design is playful, friendly, but also gets the job done. The concept stored a different set of tires for urban environments like stairs. Additionally, it incorporates a stretcher that encloses the patient and actively monitors their health.

Why it was chosen:
The HiiRO was chosen for its conceptual versatility in a small package. It also combined a very future forward and practical approach to the challenge.It did not require a complete reconfiguration to accommodate a patient who could be transported enclosed, and actively monitored. Additionally, he low center of gravity, placement of electronics, friendly looking, and well thought-out execution of the design inched it to victory.

2nd Place: Komainu (“Lion”)

By: sixten

The Komainu thought of everything. It carries food, water, and medical supplies each individually stored. It combined tracks and legs to transverse tough terrain and deliver its cargo in a very reliable fashion. Additionally, it can be powered by a novel propane generator which allows super fast refueling. Beyond that it even went on to provide oxygen and blood for injured people becoming a mobile first aid station to ensure patients can survive to get the care they need.

Why it was chosen:

The Komainu was chosen for second prize, because it forcefully pushed the envelope of 2028 possibilities. It tackled modularity, packed everything in one place, and made an active use of a screen to provide feedback to the user and patient. This made it, alone more empathetic with people and provided that friendly characteristic this challenge was looking for.

3rd Place: KIMO

By:  gabi_hantig

The KIMO utilizes and extending and contracting track solution to distribute the weight across a larger surface area. The folding compartments to accommodate a patient or bulk cargo. The design is simple and robust and communicates actively with the people it is trying to serve with an integrated LED screen.

Why it was chosen:

The KIMO was chosen for its simple, easy to use, practical, and robust design. Bottom line, it is easily feasible. Its approach is to traveling is proven with tracks, and the folding compartments to accommodate larger material or a patient made it a great choice for all of our advisors.

Judges’ Favorites

The Judges’ Favorite category awards designs that stand out for a novel approach or features...

Chariot 2.0

By: carlosfuentes

The Chariot 2.0 was one of the few that was refined from the previous challenge and it shows. The was a close contender for top prizes by a very close margin. Carlosfuentes presented a well thought out design with ample engineering and research to support his approach. The most amazing aspect of his design, his water distribution system. The approach created a bulk carrying method with a novel distribution system, which very well earned the design a spot as a judge’s favorite!


By: eddie_mauro

The MANGO is one of the most striking/idiosyncraticand notable designs of the competition. The expansion of the modules on the platform, an airbag system, and even the ability to physically link the units together for more capacity and reliability. The use of smart fabrics shows eddie_mauro thought out his design start to finish. These options made it stand out for a judge’s favorite.


By: Hussien

Hussien took the “refined” portion of the challenge and applied it to his concept from the previous challenge. His work shows with multiple compartments, larger windows for the patient to look out of, and going so far as to make the windows foldable to expand the cargo area in a different way that caught the judge’s attention.

Ad | Em-V  

By: plux

The “Erector Set” of GUNG HO concepts. Plux’s design is expandable and accommodated various bulk cargo that would not otherwise fit into a container. The extremely simple yet approach of an expandable structure was novel and lent to this design being one of the judge’s favorites.


By: Crisiii_Design

Compartments for everything. Crisii_Design found a place for everything and put everything in its place. The HDR2 packed a lot in a small package and very effectively addressed the need for tie downs, and attachment points. This provided a way to keep packing the HDR2 to capacity.


By: subhajitsinha98

The rescue fleet is reminiscent of the MLV Challenge with individual modules with a base platform. Subhajitsinha98 captured that in his design and thought out each module uniquely. Great job, the judge’s seemed to like the concept of a robust platform to build on.

We also want to recognize the Early Bird prize winners that were unique from @eddie_mauro (also judge’s favorite), @Hussien (also judge’s favorite), @Abel_Roy, @gstanwar16, @X_P, and @bret for participating and submitting valid entries for the Early Bird Prize!


Join us in congratulating these amazing entries by commenting below!


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