visibility_off Vision: 2060 Open Olympics

Vision: Welcome to 2060 World Althletic Games
The World Athletic Games is not based on new ideals, but brings us full circle, back to some of the original values held by such an event, like opening new relationships and bringing us together. And that’s ultimately the whole point; the people at the heart of it all. The people will choose the Games. Events have either reached their peak human performance, or have not kept up with the times. For LA 2060, the global community will design and choose the sports that we will use to measure human athletics moving into the future. Imagine rock-climbing sprints. Under-water wrestling. The Icosathalon anyone? We will reset to World Record Zero, giving every athlete on earth a spot at the world-record starting line.  The people will attend the Games.  No longer will tickets go the highest bidder, we are opening up the games to everyone at a base price and distributed through a lottery. And if you can’t attend in person, you will be able to stream events live and project them holographically and participate immersively using LA 2060’s city-wide internet access. For the first time, the stadium experience will be coming to you. The people will move in and around the Games. Using a mobility fabric built over 40 years, LA is now one of the most convenient transportation cities in the world. Using mass transit, on-demand group shuttles, aerial buses, and individual hyper-loop transport, there are endless ways of getting to the events. And let’s not forget walking, biking and hover-boarding. Most events will be localized and embedded within every one of our cities districts, making each event also a chance to connect with different neighborhoods. LM_LA-2060_Poster_Digital_preview (1).png
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