visibility_off Why is the #OlliFleet Challenge different?

Why and how is the #OlliFleet Challenge different from typical Launch Forth challenges?

Our inaugural #OlliFleet Challenge seeks to support the increased adoption and use of autonomous vehicles through partnerships for the deployment of Olli pods. We are looking to partner with communities, placemakers, and passionate organizations in Phoenix, Arizona and Sacramento, California regions in the United States to discover interesting and relevant use cases for low-speed autonomous vehicles. Entrants to this challenge will bid to receive a small fleet of Ollis and work directly with the Local Motors team to set up the autonomous routes defined within their bid.

What defines a verified eligible organization?

Eligible entrants are cities and corporations within Greater Phoenix, Arizona and Sacramento, California areas who can propose unique and engaging use cases for Olli and Olli deployments in that area, based on Ollis current capability and regulatory status.

Why do I have to register or sign in to apply to this challenge?

Due to this being an RFP style challenge specific to Phoenix, Arizona and Sacramento, California we are asking participants to register with the Launch Forth team to validate organizations that can successfully meet the challenge criteria.

Will my entry be public?

No-- this will be a closed challenge, meaning that entries to the challenge will be hidden until after the challenge is complete. We will work with applicants after the challenge is complete to select entries that we think should be public.  

How can I be involved if I am not an eligible organization?

As we navigate the world of autonomous vehicles, there are endless  opportunities to co-create and define visions of the future of Olli, autonomy and mobility! We have set up Autonomy Now brainstorms with key questions on the future of autonomy-- all community members are welcome and encouraged to share your ideas. Also, if you are interested in bringing the Olli Fleet Challenge to your community/city let us know by connecting with Local Motors.

Where can I ask questions about the challenge?

In order to join the challenge, you must fill out the entry form on the Challenge Brief page. Once you’ve been accepted, you can access the discussion tab to ask any questions there. If you have an immediate question, type a question to us in the blue speech bubble box in the bottom right-hand corner of this window.

How can I be notified about updates in the #OlliFleet Challenge?

The easiest way to keep up with all of the latest Launch Forth news is to sign up for an account on our site. You’ll be able to pick which projects you’d like updates on. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter with #OlliFleet.


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