visibility_off Why offering new parents the benefit of time is so important to Local Motors

Why offering new parents the benefit of time is so important to Local Motors LM_MothersDay_Post.jpg Sleepless nights, tackling tough problems, and imagining the future can all be parts of the job for Local Motors employees. But we all know those challenges and worries don’t stop once our employees leave the microfactory. The job at home is even more important. As a technology company born in the millennial age, we challenge ourselves to develop products not only for this generation, but also for all those that follow. If we expect our community of makers and dreamers to take seriously their commitment to create great things for the next generation, then LM too must take seriously our commitment to helping our employees and community care for the next generation. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I am proud to announce that Local Motors now provides its employees an 8-week paid parental leave benefit for new moms and dads. This benefit is offered to families who are growing through either their own pregnancies or the decision to adopt, for however our employees define family. Just 12 percent of the U.S. workforce has access to paid parental leave, forcing new mothers and fathers to choose between a paycheck and the most important job in the world. Our employees who give so much to LM and its future deserve better. While we can’t promise to put an end to sleepless nights, we hope that our parental leave benefit takes just one of the unknowns out of undertaking the most important job in the world.

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