visibility_off Why the Urban Core?

Since LaunchForth’s first day as a co-creation platform, we have worked and played at the edge, making the improbable possible- which is a challenging task. As we look into the future for ourselves, our communities, and the world, we are compelled to reimagine how we think about what we do, working as a community to define human-centered solutions. We are asking you to pioneer with us new ways of moving forward by being curious about the future- because progress is made by asking the right questions to frame the challenges themselves.

The Urban Core Projects are pushing design-thinking further into the co-creation process on the Launch Forth platform. This extends what we do beyond creating solutions to challenges, to collectively defining the foundations of the challenges themselves.

The Urban Core is the heart of the city, the place where people go for work, play, and discovery. There are many names for it: “Downtown,” “Central Business District,” “Old Quarter,” “Broadway,” or “Waterfront,” based on where we live. Launch Forth has identified some key trends that we believe will be increasingly relevant and important in the coming 3-7 years for the Urban Core. These brainstorms are designed to bring to light a few of the opportunities around how the Urban Core relates to the people, making, and mobility within its boundaries.

In parallel, digital platforms have created an explosion in the amount of content we create every day, overwhelming traditional methods for data intake and conversion into effective action. This content (and its magnitude) is also shaping our life and work in Urban Cores. We seek to build empathy for human needs in Urban Cores, and we must simultaneously also create clarity to match our dynamic and data-rich world. 

For this reason, we have divided the Urban Core trends into projects focused on Empathy and Clarity. We seek to build empathy for people that want to dwell in the interior of cities. We will explore their particular needs relating to family, nightlife, and universal design. At the same time, our data-rich world is creating new human needs and ways of being, and we desire clarity about this imminent change. With autonomous mobility, smart cities, and urban wellness, how will we live and manufacture in more meaningful and ethical ways?


The first two Urban Core Projects are:

Courtesy: EYRC Architects and Tom Wiscombe Architecture

Family Freedom:  
The meaning of family has evolved, and yet raising children is still a challenge. How can we better understand the needs of parents and children to inform the Urban Core? See the brainstorm here.

Courtesy: Sidewalklabs

Green Zones:
The meaning of “green” has changed. As we expand our definition of healthfulness to include space and behavior, how can we create a playbook or understanding to support governments and businesses in creating thriving ecosystems? See the brainstorm here.


We hope to gain a new way of working with you, our co-creation allies and partners. With you, we seek to discover news, identify solid research, and develop insights through interviews of people living in the Urban Core. These are the lives that we need to better understand and future proof for as we build a holistic future.

As we look ahead, the Urban Core Projects will extend into the coming year and evolve into a series of challenges that are made collectively through co-creation and reflect our curated "hive" mind. We aim to award the most salient insights and workable discoveries.

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