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The Equalizer T-X4 is a concept wheelchair quad bike designed for extreme sports, addressing to all people with different abilities who have an active lifestyle. While the design was mainly inspired by the T Series wheelchair racing bike, the Equalizer adopts a fourth wheel, with a combination of both the hands pedal and push-rim  on each side.The vehicle predominantly focuses on extreme offroad riding where the athlete has multiple modes and options to assist him/ or her on various terrains.For example, the vehicle has three gear modes settings which includes; Novice, Intermediate, and Pro. Each gear setting has a different feel to it that allows any athlete with different abilities to operate the vehicle with ease.The Equalizer T-X4 measure 1.8 meters in length and cambered out for stability at high speed, with the front wheels at 8 degrees and rear wheels at 12 degrees for natural pushing motion.The wheels are of professional grade with tubular tires that features an integral tube and tire combined fitted with ultra-light carbon fiber rims.The push-rim is mounted as an option and for cruising on flat ground.The pedal is integrated to assist the rider to swiftly transverse through rough terrains and/ or steep inclines, using any of the three gear settings: - Novice, for easy riding and extreme steep inclines - Inter, for normal flat terrain  - Pro, for track racing at high speed 
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