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The idea of this design is to combine the advantages of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Rotary wing aircraft can perform vertical take-off and landing, hover flights and also can operate in more difficult localizations. However, horizontal flight performance of these type of RPAS are less efficient because the energy consumption is higher and also the flight speed is lower. In order to improve these two aspects, the hybrid solution between fixed and rotary wing is achieved. Fixed wing aircraft are more efficient from the standpoint of cruise flight. Thus, take-off and landing phases of the flight are carried out as rotary wing and cruise flight as fixed wing aircraft. The change between the two modes of functioning is done by reducing the power transmitted to the vertical rotors at the same time that it is transmitted to the tail rotor to increase horizontal speed. Once enough speed is reached, the fixed wings can lift the whole weight of the RPA, the vertical rotors are turned off and left at minimum drag position. In spite of that, a slight penalization is paid in terms of drag for cruise flight. Furthermore, the aircraft can take-off and land as fixed wing aircraft if it is necessary. The materials used for manufacturing are composites. The techniques used for these materials are simpler than those used on commercial aviation, in order to reduce manufacturing costs. In addition, the performance of these materials is better than that of those typically used on models or toys. Finally, these aircraft can be used for trying new technologies like sensors embedded in the structure in order to track the deformations and predict premature element failure. The performances developed by this RPA depend on the configuration selected. The manufacturing is centered on modularity, so the wings and tail cone can be demounted for easing transportation and also allow changing the tail motor and propeller. The combination of tail motor and propeller can be chosen to maximize endurance, range or cruise speed, depending on the mission of the aircraft. This feature gives the RPA a great versatility. Thus, the maximum endurance of the aircraft is 130 min, without payload. Another advantage is that the maximum endurance configuration is also the maximum range one. This maximum range is 170 km. On the other hand, the maximum speed reached depends on the powerplant. In spite of that, maximum speed is limited at 190 km/h electronically. Note that the higher the cruise speed, the lower the range and endurance. In view of these performances, the missions that can be carried out by this RPA are very diverse. For example: crop monitoring, monitoring of pollution, inspection of power-lines and fire prevention.
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