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Idea for the LITECAR Challenge Project

Entry: Meteor - Electric hybrid car with Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) with compressed air.

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Overview for Meteor - Electric hybrid car with Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) with compressed air.

Presenting for the first time in local motors LITE CAR challenge. Meteor Concept - An electric hybrid car with the Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) with compressed air. (,2015). In Fact, This engine alone can power the car even without any electric motors. The main highlight of this car is that it uses compressed air for its working. But performance wise, electric motor is little bit quicker and comparable to that of an petrol car performance. So for the performance, I would like to connect Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) with compressed air to an electricity generator to produce electricity for the Nanostructured Graphene Supercapacitor, which inturn can produce power for electric motors. Thereby, we will get electrifying performance with compressed fresh air. But those who are not interested in performance, can bypass this process and connect each Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) directly to the wheel instead of four electric motors which can drive can drive entirely on air.The beauty of Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) is that it weighs just under 13 kilograms. The inventor of this incredible engine Di Pietro, says that he can develop the same engine just under 6 kilos. This engine is already in use in australia which powers suv’s and motorboats. This technology is already patented. Either way ,the cost is required only for air compression. Air compressor is available in each and every petrol pump.So we can use existing infrastructure to compress air and use it as an environmentally friendly solution to the pollution,In a very cost effective way along with with the optional electric performance. The two version of meteor are:
  1. Meteor Standard Edition : one Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) installed in each hub wheels along compressed air tank.
  2. Meteor Premium Edition : one Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) installed on each of two wheels along compressed air tank. Plus each lightweight electric hub motors installed on rest of the two wheels.
  3. Meteor Performance Edition : Four light weight electric motors installed on each of the wheels plus Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine) for electricity generation with compressed air tank.
Standard edition will be more lighter than the Premium Edition which is lighter than Performance Edition. In any case , this is much better than using a gasoline engine. since we have much carbon emission rules in place and petroleum is not renewable and not cost effective at all.Not to mention the green house gases involved. Similarly, graphene based reinforced carbon fibre can be used to build lightweight compressed air tank than traditional metal tank which is much heavier. Meteor is a lightweight 5 seater sedan concept car which incorporates futuristic materials & technologies without compromising passengers safety. This is an a hybrid electric car that uses graphene based carbon fibres and its composites for weight reduction. Nanostructured Graphene Supercapacitor is used for its energy storage. Also, this car is equipped with latest technologies for easy and safe driving.The lighter weight of cars is a key factor for fuel economy and safety performance.