Overview for Berlino 3.0 - Smart mini bus system

Berlino. Smart mini bus system By: d.i Edgar Sarmiento - System Solutions - Public Transportation Solutions Is an automated/smart electric MINI-BUS, transportation service that works through an app and a system called MATCH. The product and the system have some advantages/strengths: - Allows the inter connection to other transport types, like bikes. - It allows use for disabled. - Comfortable and lighted space. - It proposes a system of “fair payment”. - For multiple/flexible trips and passengers. - It allows use for disabled. Accessible. - It supports sustainable behaviors. - Electric system, zero emissions. Match system: 1. The user opens the app Berlino, and places his destination. The app is connected real-time and it feeds from various online networks. The service has mini-buses that are circulating in the city. 2. The app analyzes the routes of the vehicles in real time and offers alternatives to the user. The app searches common routes with user programmed route: - Priority for passengers with disabilities or old people. - The app can recommend walking up to certain points to meet the vehicle. - If no routes are common a nearby vehicle is requested. - The apple may tell you to wait an amount of time until the vehicle arrives. 3. Payment is electronic and depends on chosen route option, based mainly of time spent. There are some “situations of transport” that modify payment. Fair payment The cost is composed by three items that modify the final cost: 1. Base cost: Is the same for all, only for use system. 2. Time spent cost: No distance, time spent of travel. Is aprox. calculated before you take the route option. It can change in travel. 3. Transportation situation cost modifications: Additions, subtractions of time spent cost. It depends of some transport situations. Supports sustainable behaviors in transport sector. Transportation uses/situations: - Door to door. If is less, cost is higher. If is more, cost is cheaper. - Loads - Passengers. More passengers, less cost - Route changes. - Bike use. - Mass transport use. Mix/inter-modality. - Waiting times. - Micro-zone. If the route is 5km or less the cost is higher. This supports the use of bike and to walk. - Horary - And more... Product characteristics: - Electric system propulsion. - Double side, double face. - 8/10 passengers capacity max. - Bike integration, 2 places for bikes. - Panel info. - Light sensitive windows . - 4 seats. - 40 km/h average velocity. - Upper and lower ventilation air conditioning. - Solar panels. - Advertising or information projection in windows. - Airless wheels. Electric motors in each wheel. - Upper large lights for indicate actions. Low consumption. - Lower lights. High consumption. - High contrast parts and textured floor for blind people.