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The PullUP a chair comes from the Idiom meaning : To move a chair in order to sit with a person or group. IndEed, the PullUP a chair vehicle enable two modes: one is designed for outdoor (lower, made for speed and efficiency); the other is higher for indoor (slower motion, reaching out and socializing). --Innovative build up-- The belt wheels enable a lighter, more stable and higher (yet not wider) wheels. Instead of interacting directly with the belts, the user simply has to push/pull the levers to move. The semi flexible leg rest have two smaller wheels using the weight of the legs for stabilizing the vehicle when going up small obstacles. The stabilizing wheels allows have inbuilt lights, with floor shaved direction to trully highlight the bumps and cracks of the path. Light weight and visually reduced to its minimal, the focus is on the person, not on the vehicle. --App and Services-- When it comes to city traveling, the fastest walking route is not necessary the fastest or most convenient on a wheelchair. Using GPS tracking and the power of crowd data, the PullUP a chair system overlaps the maps of the user’s path to understand the best wheel friendly paths around the world.  These data are sent to google maps to enrich the experience of wheelchair users. Encouraging moving out in the fresh air by improving convenience of short travel. --Ecosystem and modularity--  Its minimal design allows a plug and play of accessories such as higher seat for back support, different grip of belts for the wheel (from summer to winter belts), hooks can be snapped in the hollow wheels to carry on bags and purse. The chair is compatible with the motor/battery packs. Two modules - one per side- will take over the manual effort while still using the same mechanics and pull/push interface.
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