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DESCRIPTION The goal that I chose to reach in the design of this concept is not exceed 25 kg also including the safety parachute.To do this, I have chosen to limit the dimensions of the fuselage to the minimum essential to enclose devices and the payload, consequently to minimize the drag section.The fuselage is made of carbon fiber with a shell to which is connected a conical tube that carries the tail planesThe factor that most has determined the shape of the fuselage is the need to place the parachute above the box payloads in the coincidence of overall center of gravity position along the axes x and z whereas the x axis aligned with the tail.Clearly this choice derives from the need  in case of the safety parachute actuating the drone maintains a trim plane so that no peaks landing the nose or tail.The box payload may be oriented with the maximum size 450 mm along the x axis, and the size 200 mm or 350 mm along the vertical y axis.I have preferred to keep the payload vertically to minimize the surface area subtracted to the wings, because this fact is the second determinant; because the wings have to stay close to the COG with a suitable lever arm are cut as a continuum from the parachute box. Hence the need to devise a robust central frame for the connection of the wings.evices.Coincidentally this choice reminds me of the image of the front section of two famous aircraft: The Douglas Boston / Havoc and Consolidated B24 that they had developed the fuselage in the vertical axis.This vertical position and the chosen shape of the fuselage permits to easily pull the load towards the rear by removing the hooks to the main frame.It is also derived the choice to position the two motors for the horizontal flight in nacelles attached to the wings to leave free the front parts dedicated to the camera and the rear part for discharge.The two propeller axis is substantially aligned with the COG position, in case of weight changes the COG may fluctuate in vertical along the y axis in a range of about 40 mm while maintaining the position on the axes x and z.The effect of the variation along the y axis can be corrected by the action of the control surfaces or with a small sliding counterweight movable along the y axis.The tail surfaces are upwards V oriented  to operate in free  vortex area.Finally the four propellers for vertical motion are centered with respect to the COG position.Here you will find a video that shows the model:                             
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