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I followed the design guidelines of "Architecture of the aircraft" and "Criteria for choice of the configuration" from a book of aeronautical design (do not write the title to not advertise to anyone).
After I chose the real aircraft that inspire me in my project (I consulted my old aviation encyclopedia).

My concept is a hybrid of:
1 - Piaggio P180: the canard offset any balance shadows (aerodynamic) on T-tail. Aircraft such as the F104 or the DC9 had a loss of efficiency problems of orizontali tail surfaces. 

2 - Lockheed P38: This is the most strong architecture.
3 - Vought Corsair: offers ergonomic advantages during loading / unloading operations. It helps in the arrangement of the engines / propellers.
4 - The wing extension is typical of the gliders (20-30).
5 - FIAT G91: it's just a personal choice of style of the muzzle.
6 - Cessna 337: the configuration to "Coaxial twin engine" is the most secure in the planted event of one of the two motors.

The combination of aeronautical characteristics of 1-2-3-4 aircraft should optimize the aerodynamics of my little drone.

Photo of aircrafts of points 1-6 is on the comments. 

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