Overview for Martianization

Our plan is to eliminate the mistakes we did during the construction of Earth Life and protect the Mars Habitat and keep harmony with it. In order to do that, instead of generating a life with huge buildings and constructions; we start with persons themselves. They are their own residence with soft, tangable, modular and mobile kinetic structure. When any social need occurs those persons and their structures merge and generate a larger and more capable one. Also those structures by themselves are able to generate many inner conditions depending on the situations with hologramic technologies. For example 10 people may come together, merge their mobile shelters, generate a larger one and it adapts itself to a library and people get start to make research. For mandatory needs such as oxygen, water, food etc. we have mega structures that are inspired from termite nests. Just like these nests, the mega structure has a main core serving for vertical circulation so that mobile shelters can be lifted up and charged on surfaces of the structure by the help of solar panels. Also, on the slabs around the core, green spaces are introduced so food is provided. Underneath the structures, there are big spaces as in termite nests to serve as material manufacturing and water production spaces.   

Mobile Shelters:

-Each humanbeing has her/him own mobile
shelter to live inside. These shelters can move freely
and connect with other shelters and structures to
meet, produce and share knowledge.

Common Spaces:
-Mobile people with mobile shelters can connect 
to big common spaces to take a rest or have a
good time whenever they want. These spaces are
designed to make newcomers of Mars feel good.

Production Spaces:
-The only constant structures are production spaces.
These spaces serve as food, energy, recycling and water
centers. They are fully automated, and mobile shelters
can be connected to produce and enhance these areas.


-Mobile shelters have all the information about others
and production or common spaces on their screens. If
anyone needs something, they can reach the
common mind and/or resources.

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