A First Generation

Powered by HP ZBook Workstations and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, we will imagine, create and experience the environment for a sophisticated civilization on Mars. A new home for one million humans.

Join HP Mars Home Planet for your chance to win great prizes, collaborate with
 the world’s leading visionaries, and earn a chance to have your design included in the ultimate Mars VR Experience.

The Projects

As part of the HP Mars Home Planet mission, we’ll post projects and challenges related to the needs of our future on Mars.

You can participate in designing buildings and homes, transportation, infrastructure, food sources, lifestyle, clothing, and Sparks that will eventually complete a virtual world experience.

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  • Habitat

  • VR Experience

  • Farming

  • Lifestyle

  • Robots

  • Transportation

Virtual Reality for our Future Reality

Building on the Martian terrain from Fusion Mars 2030, co-creators will have the opportunity to collaborate with global VR leader Technicolor to bring the Martian experience to life – in Virtual Reality.

Giving Mars to the Future

In the spirit of openness and knowledge-sharing, we are creating the Mars Open-source Collective. Think of it as a Wikipedia or Library of Congress for building our civilization on Mars.

These tools include a repository of all our collected info and the ideas you contribute: a collection point of knowledge to house and build upon for generations to come, so that in time, the ideas created today can be used to shape the Mars of tomorrow.

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Reinvent New Frontiers

NASA has chosen HP ZBook Workstations to help provide mission command, control, and life support to the International Space Station. HP is now proud to lead the journey to the next frontier, providing all the power needed to design, model and render Mars for 1 million humans.

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