The Mars Lifestyle

There is a lot of science and technology that will go into making Mars habitable for 1 million people. But beyond bare survival and habitation comes survival in style. The Martian lifestyle. What will life be like on Mars on a day-to-day basis? What will future Martians do for fun? Knowing humans it is unlikely that all clothing would be completely utilitarian and minimal. How will fashion and design differ from ours? Will Mars be home to new types of music, art, socializing, recreation and entertainment or perhaps initiation rituals? How will we pass our time from sol to sol? What will we need in our homes on Mars? Our next big project as part of HP Mars Home Planet will be related to envisioning Lifestyles on Mars. It’s a whole new planet with an atmosphere, a terrain, a population and a history all it’s own. Certainly this new planet’s Lifestyle should be all it’s own as well. Join our brainstorms to define our new lifestyle.

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