Idea for the Airbus Cargo Drone Build Project

Idea for the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge Project

Entry: Texas A&M Advanced Vertical Flight Laboratory - SkyRanger

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Overview for Texas A&M Advanced Vertical Flight Laboratory - SkyRanger

Vehicle Configuration: Hexacopter Tail-sitter Design With Rotor Blown Wings Abstract: This report outlines the design by Texas A&M University’s Aerospace Engineering Design Team of an optimized payload delivery drone for submission in the Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge. This effort is aimed at developing an efficient VTOL unmanned aircraft for safe delivery of medical supplies in disaster relief situations without risking the lives of a flight crew. The key design constraint for this aircraft is that it be able to hover and also fly at high forward speeds as efficiently as possible. Rotor-based vehicles can hover, but lack the ability to attain high forward speeds, while fixed wing aircraft, although unable to hover, are exceptionally efficient at high speed forward flight. Therefore, the aim of our design is to merge these two flying platforms into a single vehicle with a quadrotor configuration of rotors mounted on the leading edge of two parallel fixed wings. In this arrangement, the rotors are used for both hovering flight, and, after the vehicle has transitioned to forward flight through a 90 degree pitch maneuver, for forward flight propulsion, during which the fixed wings provide lift. An additional coaxial rotor configuration has been placed on the top / front of the fuselage to be used exclusively for forward flight thrust, per the competition requirements, although efficiency can be improved by eliminating it. This configuration was chosen for its mechanical simplicity, as all control is accomplished electronically via prop-rotor RPM variation. One concern of this type of vehicle configuration is its high gust intolerance in hover, since the broad side of the wings is facing the incoming gust. To resolve this issue, our design implements a rotor-blown technique in which the complete span of both wings is immersed within the prop wash. This way, the majority of the airflow the wing experiences in hovering is parallel to the chord, so that any wind gust added perpendicular to this direction has only a small effect on the total airflow magnitude and direction. This is explained in greater detail in the following sections, as well as the details of the team’s design.
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