Overview for QRV2 - Quick Response Vehicle

QRV- 2 Quick Response Vehicle

Personal utility Vehicle that provide rapid transportation over the harsh martian terrain.

 - Hevy duty weighted wheels with in-hub motors provide the power and grip necessary to tackle the low gravity environment. 

- ride hight and stance can be adjusted to suite the terrain condition 

- flatbed cargo area can accommodate any items that needs to be delivered or it can be fitted with a miniaturized nuclear reactor to increase the range of the vehicle.

modeled and textured from scratch based on my own concept

concept development(https://vimeo.com/278607243)

concept development CRV-2 from jdgayan on Vimeo.

height adjustment(https://vimeo.com/278611843)

groundClearence from jdgayan on Vimeo.


Autodesk Maya | V-ray |Aftereffects

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