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This proposal attempts to conciliate the climate conditions in Mars with a less impact environmental design. Althought no impact is imposible the main structures will be located underground, the surface is only affected by Solar farms wich provide electricity, heat and direct light to the activities below.  Criteria: 1.Adaptation to environment conditions, temperature loss prevention through underground constructions. No Nuclear, Fossil Fuels derivated energies; All Colony is powered with Solar/Wind energy transformed and recycled on site while other resources like food, air and water are processed to maintain life in the Colony. Human occupation is to be transformed from a destructive model to a more friendly/less impact practice. 2.Mitigate the hostile conditions for the daily experience in Mars, 1 Million people will have to coexist in a harsh environment so spaces have to feel open, friendly and enjoyable. Generating common areas for interaction instead of isolated capsules which might produce disconnect sentiments in the individuals.
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