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Life Line is designed to meet all mission requirements of the Local Motors, Airbus Drone Challenge. Inspiration for the design of Life Line came from the simple thought that a drone aircraft could provide a mission critical, or even , a potentially lifesaving mission role. During the design process, I envisioned myself, requiring an aircraft, to deliver supplies for my own well-being and from there, designed a simple, but very capable aircraft that was able to complete its mission in a multitude of environments. Life Line utilizes a tandem wing design which, not only significantly reduces center of gravity (COG) issues, but allows more versatility for an endless range of potential payloads. Additionally, the tandem wing design allows the aircraft to increase it's wing area and therefore decrease it's wing loading, in a more compact profile, then would be the case with a more traditional, single wing design. Finally, the tandem wing design provides increased structural strength and integrity which reduces stress on the air frame and components and significantly reduces the chances of catastrophic structural failure.    Power System: Main Flight Motor:(x1) - Hacker A80-8 218kv spinning a 20" x 13" CF propeller.Lift / Hover Motors:(x6) - T-Motor MN5212 spinning 17.5” x 8 CF propeller. (2) different battery systems were required as the lift / hover motors demanded a higher “C” rating then could be supplied by the Lithium-Ion batteries used for forward flight.   (2) Lithium-Ion 10s 36v battery packs for main flight motor operation.  (1) 8s 65c Lithium Polymer battery pack for lift / hover motors.  The battery pack compartment is designed to be easily accessed from the top of the aircraft, just forward of the center of gravity, allowing the operator to simply lift battery backs in and out of the battery compartment. Construction: The structure of Life Line is comprised of carbon fiber and  Expanded PolyOlefin (EPO) foam. This type of construction allows worn or damaged components to be easily repaired or replaced in the field with a significant reduction in weight savings over many other common building materials, without the loss of structural integrity. Utilizing carbon fiber rods, tubes and EPO construction, Life Line is able to be disassembled into several modular components quickly and easily. Payload Bay: 100mm increase above minimum size requirements (450mm x 450mm x 200mm). A simple spring loaded latch design releases the hinged payload bay so that it is easily accessible from the lower side of the aircraft. This design easily allows interchangeable payloads even when not of the same size or interface. Payload bay design and aircraft tandem wing design, drastically reduces center of gravity payload loading errors and / or issues. Life Line’s landing gear is constructed of carbon fiber rod, based off  the design of helicopter skids. This gives Life Line a low drag, but very robust landing gear for operation in extreme environments and landscapes. This landing gear design allows the cargo payload bay to have sufficient clearance to be accessed, from the bottom of the aircraft, without lifting or re-positioning the aircraft. Because the landing gear is constructed of carbon fiber rod and extends beyond the payload bay doors reach, Life Line can be outfitted with optional floats allowing Life Line to be utilized in flooded areas of operation. The EPO foam structure of Life Line is waterproof and will float. All electrical components are housed in the EPO foam fuselage or wings, including the main flight motor and all ESC’s.  Because the lift / hover motors are brushless, moderate rain will not be a threat to their operation. The cargo payload bay container itself is designed to float and is completely waterproof. The landing gear is able to be fitted with floats and operate on water as safely as it does on land. Life Line is completely modular. Due to the fact that Life Line is constructed of carbon fiber and EPO foam, Life Line’s wings, fuselage, landing gear and lift / hover motor mounts are easily disassembled for packing and shipping. Wing sections are able to be easily “slid” from their carbon fiber, joiner, tube supports after removing an easily accessible set screw and disconnecting power and signal leads. This applies to the fuselage as well. Life Line is easily disassembled by the use of common and readily available tools such as screw drivers and Allen wrenches. Additionally, the carbon fiber and EPO foam construction is lightweight and damage resistant, allowing many different packing and shipping options available. The individual components of Life Line are lightweight and damage resistant, again, due to its construction of carbon fiber and EPO foam. This allows Life Line to be handled, easily and with some degree of human “clumsiness” Life Line does not exceed the maximum takeoff mass (MTOM) of 25 kg when fully loaded. Life Line is equipped with a flight termination launcher and parachute so that, in the event of catastrophic failure, the aircraft will not pose a serious threat to people or property on the ground. Life Line uses 6,  lift / hover motors utilizing an 8s 65c lithium polymer battery allowing the aircraft to instantly lift off, with ample power, to limit it’s time on the ground. Check. See Drawing Attachments. Show main structural components (wings, fuselage, inner structure) Check. See Drawing Attachments. Show equipment location (batteries, motors, actuators etc.): Check. See Drawing Attachments. Show location of supplied space reservations from the ignition kit: Check. See Drawing Attachments. Show landing gear concept: Check. See Drawing Attachments. Brief.docx
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